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About Madison Masterson

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I hiked up a winery in these heels and t
Muma and SG have my heart❤ So thankful f


How Madison fell in love with marketing

Growing up things were difficult with her health. At one point in her life, she was having upwards of 15 seizures a day. She couldn't attend real high school and instead had to attend hospital homebound schooling which was a schooling program virtually over the phone and computer. She was in and out of the hospital and never thought that I could attend college or have a professional career.

At 17 years old she secretly applied for Harvard Secondary School Program and when her family got the acceptance letter they found themselves confused yet very proud. It was very scary for her family but they drove from Florida to Boston and dropped her off for an entire semester to study at Harvard University. That summer changed Madison's life. She. excelled at Harvard, one of the best universities in the world, and left Harvard with her heart full and her brain yearning for more. That was when she decided that she would attend college no matter how difficult it would be.

She applied for my dream school, The University of South Florida, and was blessed enough to be admitted and enrolled as a Dance and Theatre major. Soon after, she tore my ACL and thought that her educational experience was over as her dance career was put on hold. Instead, she found herself taking basic marketing and there fell in love with what would soon become a huge part of her life, Marketing. 

Madison's experiences at USF

When arriving at USF she was scared. Having upwards of 15 seizures a day, It was difficult for Madison to attend classes. Students without disabilities found it difficult to do well in their classes and be involved on campus so there was no way for me to be involved right? WRONG! Right, when Madison got to USF she made sure she would leave her mark on campus and enjoy every experience thrown her way.

Muma and SG have my heart❤ So thankful f

Only 6 months after starting her studies at USF she founded an organization on campus called Bulls Against Bullying. This organization became a vital part of her life for four years as she served as President. She grew the organization, with help from 6 different amazing executive boards of students, to over 400 members. One of the largest and most well-known organizations on campus.

After changing her major to Marketing she found herself lost and without connections in her college which is why she decided to run for the senate in Student Government and join a professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Within SG,she served as the Vice-chair of the Grants Committee and an elected member of the Activity and Service recommendation committee where she helped fund over 18 million dollars of student fees. Within Delta Sigma Pi, she served as the Vice President of Community Service and held numerous community service events to help the community.

Madison was also a member of the national society of collegiate scholars, a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, a member of the Environmental LLC, and part of many other organizations on campus. In addition to the organizations, she also had the honor of being one of four students in USF SG chosen to go to the capital with students from all of the Florida public university SG's, talk to senators and representatives about different initiatives that would benefit all of the universities in Florida.

Outside of organizational involvement, Madison was chosen as one of the fraternity sorority life members to attend bulls service breaks, where she dedicated her spring break to community service in North Carolina as well as researching and bringing back information on how to better the greek life community at USF.  In addition, she was chosen to go to Israel on a two-week educational trip on a full scholarship. 
Madison was also on the dean's list numerous semesters, was given the Delta Sigma Pi rose award, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and was given recognition as a 25 under 25 Muma College of Business recipient.



I hiked up a winery in these heels and t

Present Day

Together we can

  • Participating in the CEO in Schools program where she helps a K-12 school in her area

  • Graduated with a 4.0 in her Master's degree with a specialization in social media and branding

  • Spoken n at conventions and events including the American Marketing Association

  • Working with hundreds of clients and building communities

Currently: Happy, motivated, passionate, and ready to push through all of the challenges thrown her way!


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What does the future hold?

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