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Here at Mad Marketing, we offer a wide variety of marketing services to fit any business need. This list is only a small portion of what we can do. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more about how we can assist you with all of your marketing needs!

Influencer Marketing

At Mad Marketing, we work with Influencers and businesses and conduct successful influencer marketing campaigns.


Coaching calls

  • One on one 30 minute coaching calls with CEO Madison Masterson.

    • Learn how to pitch yourself to brands​

    • Learn how to grow your social media presence exponentially

    • Ask any questions you have about the biz and learn first hand from a influencer who has worked in social media for almost 10 years.

Influencer Management

  • Full influencer campaign management​

    • Connect your business to our influencers.​

    • Define the goals and KPI's to properly measure the campaign.

    • Create an engaging and viral worthy campaign which will exceed your goals.

Talent Scouting

  • Manage influencers

    • If you're an influencer looking to work with businesses but don't know how, this is the service for  you!​

    • If you're a business looking to work with influencers but  dont know how, this is the service for  you!

    • We onboard businesses and influencers into our database and connect them together. 


Mad Marketing is your one stop shop for all things branding related. From logo design & color palette creation, to social media branding. We have it all! 

Here are some of  the  main services in branding we offer:

  • Logo Design & Color palette creation

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Positioning 

  • Brand Voice

  • Style Guides

  • Social Media Branding

Branding from the ground up and rebranding. We have your back!

Content Creation

Get your precious time back and hire us to take care of your content creation. With a diverse team of creatives we can create video & photo content for any platform.

CEO Madison Masterson has over 10 years of experience creating  content and has grown her following on social media to almost 40 thousand people. She can do the same for you!

Content we can create for you:

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • IG & Snapchat stories

  • IG Reels

  • TikToks

&  So much more!

Social Media Management

Take a step back and let the professionals run your social media accounts. Here at Mad Marketing, social media management is our forte.

Social media platforms we can manage:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • TikTok

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

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