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Past collaborations

Madison has worked with hundreds of companies on Instagram. As a content creator and digital creator, she strives to create engaging and authentic ads. She never advertises a product that she wouldn't use herself. She becomes very close to the companies she works for and strives to make collaborations beneficial for both parties. Below are some of my past collaborations. If you would like to see full story posts, there are some saved to Madison's highlights on Instagram. 


This is only a small sample of Madison Masterson's influencer marketing work. She has worked with hundreds of brands over the last decade and has been ranked one of the top social media influencers in Tampa, Florida.

Shoe Dazzle

Depressed but well dressed 😀.jpg

Shoe Dazzle | Instagram @shoedazzle | 747k Followers

ShoeDazzle is a shoe and clothing brand that focuses on "Supporting your fashion addiction". I have worked with the company consistently over the last year. To the left is a post I created wearing one of their shoes. It received over 1000 likes, 50 saves, and lots of shares.

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